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Hello dear Diskutizen!

Thank you for seeking out Diskuto, a new culture of language lovers in Toronto.

I’m Pat. I was born and raised in Toronto. I want to keep meeting amazing people from all over the world, and speak their language. I know about 8 languages (some pretty well, some barely at all), but to keep those languages alive requires a reason to keep practising each one. I want Diskuto to be my reason to keep talking.

Our first event will be Monday April 8 at the Hart House East Common Room, starting at 6:30 pm. This event is targeted to International students, ESL students and newcomers who want to improve their English. However, native English speakers are also needed to make this event a success. Admission is free to the first 50 people.

French-themed Diskuto events will launch later in Spring 2013 and Spanish events in Summer. From there, the sky’s the limit as we translate Diskuto into all the languages of Toronto!

Diskuto events will be more structured and organized than a typical language meetup, with activities, prizes, and incentives to put yourself out there and meet as many people as possible. The first event features a one-minute speech contest: the best complaint about learning English wins a prize! Diskuto will continue to offer tangible benefits to members, such as discounts on food/beverage at venues and discounts on language services offered by sponsors. Specifics on these will be announced later in April.

Most of all, everyone attending a Diskuto event will be greeted with a smile and by name. You will never have to feel awkward about not knowing someone. And, since the purpose of Diskuto is to talk (Diskuto means ‘talk’ in Esperanto), the music will never be too loud.

The April 8 Launch event will be a great chance for you to provide feedback and learn more about Diskuto and what we hope to accomplish, given all the world’s languages in our unique multicultural backyard, Toronto.

Talk to you soon.


Pat founded Diskuto so he could keep meeting amazing people and keep speaking new languages he learned. He was born and grew up in Toronto, the most multilingual city on Earth. He speaks one language well (English), two languages passably (French, Italian), three languages badly (German, Spanish, Russian), and six languages hardly at all (Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic; Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese). He can read HTML, CSS and PHP but it’s hard to have a conversation in those. He is also the editor of

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