Diskuto English Night: April 22 at Q Space

Monday April 22, 2013 – Monday April 22, 2013

382 College St

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More Diskuto Fun at the Q Space on 382 College St, Toronto

Featuring fun activities, free snacks, great atmosphere and a chance to win $$ speaking in our soon-to-be famous Speech Contest!

Theme of this week’s Contest: Meeting New People in Toronto.
Are Torontonians too shy? Always in a hurry? Is it hard to meet people in the city? Prepare an original two-minute speech to express your views on this topic – best speech wins a $ prize!



Pat founded Diskuto so he could keep meeting amazing people and keep speaking new languages he learned. He was born and grew up in Toronto, the most multilingual city on Earth. He speaks one language well (English), two languages passably (French, Italian), three languages badly (German, Spanish, Russian), and six languages hardly at all (Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic; Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese). He can read HTML, CSS and PHP but it’s hard to have a conversation in those. He is also the editor of torontolanguages.com.

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