So many languages, so little time?

Improving your new language is a common New Year’s resolution. 2013 is half done; have you kept that promise to yourself?

Somehow, the months pass, and ‘language inertia’ takes hold. Another overseas vacation comes and goes, where you might speak nothing but English, although Spanish or Arabic may be on the tip of your tongue at every restaurant and in every taxicab.

Speaking a new language is difficult, no doubt. However, the biggest obstacle can sometimes be ourselves.

Some reasons we avoid the linguistic leap:

  1. Fear of making grammar mistakes
  2. Fear of having an accent
  3. Having no one to practice with
  4. Having no time to practice

These are daunting challenges, but here’s the deal: By offering some help with 3 and 4, Diskuto wants to help you get over 1 and 2.

In May and June we have started organizing free outdoor language corners in Mandarin and French (with Spanish coming soon). Think of these  fresh-air events as a haven for language amateurs. Diskuto hopes to create the occasion, and gather like-minded people for you to talk with. In return, let us share our wonderful accents, and together we can laugh at our mistakes.

The year is half over. So meet us halfway.


Pat founded Diskuto so he could keep meeting amazing people and keep speaking new languages he learned. He was born and grew up in Toronto, the most multilingual city on Earth. He speaks one language well (English), two languages passably (French, Italian), three languages badly (German, Spanish, Russian), and six languages hardly at all (Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic; Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese). He can read HTML, CSS and PHP but it’s hard to have a conversation in those. He is also the editor of

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