The Golden Circle as described by Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle as described by Simon Sinek

Under our ‘About’ page on the website, has been added the question ‘Why Diskuto?’

We spend a lot of time in general discussing the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, but in the compelling TED video below, author Simon Sinek reminds us of the importance of ‘why’.

For me, it was always so obvious deeply ingrained in me, that I actually have been hesitant to put it in writing. But it’s very important to write it down. Here’s a few ideas I have of why we do what we do.

Why Diskuto?

-To help everyone speak new languages without fear or apprehension.
-To help language lovers meet and learn from each other.
-Most important: to recapture some of what has been lost: face to face contact, the possibilities of new encounters, the thrill of speaking unfamiliar tongues with both new friends and strangers.

I will keep working on expressing this.

If you would be willing to share your own ‘Why’ for your own life, career, business, or plans, that would be most interesting!


Pat founded Diskuto so he could keep meeting amazing people and keep speaking new languages he learned. He was born and grew up in Toronto, the most multilingual city on Earth. He speaks one language well (English), two languages passably (French, Italian), three languages badly (German, Spanish, Russian), and six languages hardly at all (Latin, Ancient Greek, Arabic; Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese). He can read HTML, CSS and PHP but it’s hard to have a conversation in those. He is also the editor of torontolanguages.com.

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