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Just few months ago I discovered Diskuto through meetup.com. I attended in July my first gathering not knowing what it is about and got pleasantly surprised. The interaction among people was strong, engaging even local pedestrians into our French conversation. My fear of speaking in French is slowly disappearing and the forgotten words are coming back.

I want to thank Patrick and his ‘crew’ for persistent, enormous effort they put every week to revive not only French, but many other, non everyday spoken languages.

Violeta, Toronto

Diskuto is a place where true languages live. Meaning that people share their everyday experiences, while practising a new language. It creates a mixture of ideas and cultures, which leaves participants a feeling of enjoyment even after meetings.

Marat, Toronto by way of Russia

I have been attending Diskuto since July 2013. I really enjoy the way they teach any language, in an environment that’s very relaxed and friendly. I’ve been reviving my French which I learned many many years ago. I almost forgot everything. With Diskuto’s good teachers like Khady and Mulla (both from Paris), I am able to speak and understand again, and all in very short time. Besides, I am a senior and with their company and friendship I feel young again.

Thanks so much to Diskuto (Pat, Khady, Brendan, and all the volunteers) for your time and effort. I hope you can continue with this great idea, which so far is very altruistic and entrepreneurial.

Cecilia, Mississauga by way of Columbia

Diskuto is the ideal place for language lovers. No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or already learning a language, this is a great place to increase your exposure to your language(s) of choice. And if you’re a native speaker, so much the better, you can help others learn. Now there are events in more than 10 languages. Pat Tanzola and his colleagues are doing a great job at bringing people of different linguistic backgrounds together and providing them with an opportunity to practice/speak their favourite languages.

Nima, Toronto by way of Tehran

After only five times attending Diskuto’s weekly French corner, I have increased my French vocabulary, gained confidence in my speaking abilities, met some incredible people, and even started learning some Spanish! Despite having attended a French Immersion school as a child, my French had grown increasingly rusty over the years. Before joining Diskuto I was embarrassed by my imperfect grammar and avoided speaking in French.

This year, I decided I wanted to be able to converse fluently in French again, so I made a goal to increase my ability and confidence through practice. Diskuto provided the ideal situation for me. Being able to practice with beginners, intermediates, and fluent French speakers made such a huge difference in such a short amount of time. I look forward to my Thursday evenings and would highly recommend Diskuto as an encouraging environment for learning.

Nathalie, Toronto

Diskuto is a good place to interact with other cultures, meet new friends and help others learn or practice Mandarin. For me it was a great first experience to see how Western people see China. Kedi and Borun know already a lot about China and Chinese culture. For Chinese people it is really nice to see non-Asian people who want to learn more Chinese. I definitely recommend Diskuto to those who want to practice and learn Mandarin. Diskuto team is easygoing and passionate.

非常感谢!!! (Fēicháng gǎnxiè which means thank you very much) –Kaiping, Nanjing, China

Kaiping (at right) and her family come from Nanjing City (close to Shanghai). Kaiping is a visiting scholar at U of T.

Kaiping (at right) and her family come from Nanjing City (close to Shanghai). Kaiping is a visiting scholar at U of T.

The members of the Diskuto team were amazingly  welcoming and very eager to learn my story.  I stood around for a few minutes observing my new surroundings. As I stood in the middle of this small group of people my eyes and ears instantly became captivated. I was able to learn basic French conversation starters as well as basic Mandarin character structures. Thank you to my wonderful instructor Khady–she is an amazing teacher. I would also like to recommend the Diskuto team to anyone interested in learning a new language. These people are fantastic and I believe what they are doing for the community is simply outstanding. –Jamel, Washington DC

Khady and Jamel at Diskuto French Corner

Khady and Jamel at Diskuto French Corner

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