Speak English with Diskuto

Diskuto, which means “talk” in Esperanto is an avant-garde language organization that provides language and intercultural exchange in Toronto and the GTA.

Speak English at Diskuto ESL Corner

With ESL Corner we are promoting English to international visitors who want to practice and improve their Cantonese.

Native English speakers and new students of English are welcome to our events.

Do you speak English?
Just starting to learn English? Your fellow Diskuto participants will help you.

Intermediate level in English?
Fun conversation and activities will help you to maintain your level and to improve it.

Almost Fluent? Fluent?
Great! The Diskutizens need your help to improve their own English. Become an ESL Ambassador.

Why should I come?
Diskuto will make you feel at ease and you’ll be speaking right away! Practising your English with like-minded language lovers will re-energize your spirit!

No events available...

Also see our meetup page.

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