Speak French with Diskuto

Speak French with Diskuto on Thursdays

Speak French with Diskuto on Thursdays

Diskuto, which means “talk” in Esperanto is an avant-garde language organization that provides language and intercultural exchange in Toronto and the GTA.

With French corner we are promoting French to Torontonians and international visitors who want to practice and improve their French.

Francophiles and French lovers are welcome to our events. Join us every Thursday (event details below).

Parlez-vous Français? Do you speak French?
Just starting to learn French? Our team and French Ambassadors will help you.

Intermediate level in French?
Pas de souci!!! Fun activities will help you to maintain your level and to improve it.

Almost Fluent? Fluent?
Bravo et félicitations! Vous pouvez aider nos Diskutoyens à améliorer leur français. Devenez French Ambassador.

Why should I come?
Diskuto will make you feel comfortable! Practising your French with like-minded language lovers will re-energize your spirit! We provide fun activities, challenge, team games and contests.

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Join the Diskutizen Community
Join Diskuto on Meetup meetup.com/Diskuto
Join Diskuto Facebook page facebook.com/Diskuto
Get Diskuto gear at CafePress cafepress.com/Diskuto

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