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Diskuto wants more people to learn languages in whatever way possible, whether at language schools, with tutors, or through online services. In this way we create a more robust languages ecosystem from which all language lovers benefit.

For Language Schools and Services

For language schools seeking to increasing enrolment, Diskuto keeps your students as engaged with their new language as possible.

  • More than 50% of our members are enrolled in language courses.
  • Not only that, many NOT taking a course are inspired to do so after practising at Diskuto. For many people, the more language practise they get, the more they want to keep learning in a formal setting.

Engage our active language lovers through our affiliate incentive or language course referral program.

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Special Events Partnerships

Do your students seek a place to practise their language skills? Diskuto can help keep them engaged and loving the language. Email for details of our events programs that can be customized to your needs.

Link Exchange

Email to propose a website link exchange.

Custom Partnerships: Business and Institutions

Find out how Diskuto can enhance your human capital and language skills through our language and culture workshops.

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