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The Golden Circle as described by Simon Sinek

We spend a lots of time discussing ‘what’ and ‘how’, but as Simon Sinek explains, we too often forget the importance of ‘why’.

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Meet the Language Polygamist

Sister Wives now on TLC

I used to be a serial languagizer; that’s a made-up term but this is a true story.

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In a way, we are all language novices

I’m not a language expert. Though I have a degree in Linguistics, I am far from an academic. I do speak many languages… badly. I was born in Toronto. My family is of Italian origin, but we always spoke English

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The Diskuto blog is ALIVE

Hello dear Diskutizen! Thank you for seeking out Diskuto, a new culture of language lovers in Toronto. I’m Pat. I was born and raised in Toronto. I want to keep meeting amazing people from all over the world, and speak

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