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European Day of Languages in Toronto

Khady and her European Day of Languages Passport

I decided to challenge myself with Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian and Estonian: four languages in two hours! That and a lot more.

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Does watching telenovelas help to improve Spanish? YES!

A high point in my life was 2008 when I travelled to Mexico, where all my favorite telenovelas were filmed. Every night at 6pm my host family and I would watch ‘Las tontas no van al cielo’ (Dumb Girls Don’t Go to Heaven), obsessed by the drama.

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Shake it Up: Spanish + Maracas – Sept 26 and Oct 3 at Philosopher’s Walk

Shake it up! Create your own beat and get the Latin Fever Rules: Each participant will receive a cheat sheet with basic Spanish sentences. After practicing with the maraca, he or she will have to create his/her own beat. Advanced

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“LOL = Love of Languages” says blogger

Will your next words in a foreign language hold the secret to immortality? Apparently those who participate at our events act like they do—and that’s the best compliment we could hope for.

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What Did You Do This Summer?

It was a blast meeting people from all over the world on the streets and paths of Toronto and make meaningful connections with them, right there out in the fresh air.

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¡Tantos Idiomas! Spanish Corner starts July 25

A mad SpanFran experiment? Our First Spanish Corner will be concurrent with French Corner

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